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I am very excited to be able to offer you quality services at an affordable price! 


Let's start off on the right foot!


My North Park location is available to provide these services Friday, Saturday and Sundays by appointment only. I open as early as 6 am and take my last appointment at 11 am. This is due to the lack of parking in the area. If parking is not an issue, please let me know.


To use your voucher, you must first register at the voucher registration page.


After reviewing your voucher, I will contact you to set up an appointment via the email that you provide. Please make sure this is an email you check regularly as many times I will email you right away with the appointment that you have requested.  


After you receive your appointment date and time, you MUST fill out your consent form immediately. If you do not, your appointment may be canceled. Please understand I must have your consent to meet the minimum liability standards and the time we have in person is utilized for your treatment. 


Please do not call/ text to make an appointment. Your registration gives you head of the line privilege over any phone call or text. The faster you register, the faster you are seen. Initial appointments are not set over the telephone or through text, however, you can schedule your subsequent appointments via, text, email or in person.


Please understand that I rarely answer phone calls and I have tried to make the self-service options as easy as possible. However, if you think of something else or need assistance, I would be happy to help: text  619-784-5274 or contact form.



Custom Blend Facial:

You have purchased either one or two facials. You can expect to be here for as little as 40 minutes to 55 minutes depending on the needs of your skin. I truly customize this service to meet the needs of your skin. More details about the facial here

Consent Form for Facial.

Oh, Sweet Baby! or Curly Sue Eyelash set:

If you have purchased either one of these eyelash sets, you can expect to be here for at least one hour. I will go over my recommendations for maintaining your lashes properly. Even if you have worn lashes before, I think it is always a good idea to make sure you are using proper eyelash cleaning techniques to preserve the look you paid for.

Consent Form for Lashes.




Please allow plenty of time to find my location and park I have a strict policy about late appointments. 


I understand that situations arise and if one occurs, I ask that you please contact me BEFORE your scheduled appointment to let me know. I will review last-minute cancellations on a case by case basis. A no show/no call will be considered a fulfilled appointment and your voucher will be applied to this missed appointment.


Please do not bring guests to your appointment. They will not be accommodated.


I hope this information was helpful. I am excited to meet you and look forward to our appointment!


Thank You,


Carmen Leon


M.Lou Lashes



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