Siberian Mink Eyelashes
  • Lightweight
  • Great for Hybrid
  • Natural Looking

Siberian Mink eyelash extensions offer a lightweight, less uninformed, fluffy and natural look.  My ability to create a voluminous 3D effect is increased as I am not bound by the heavier thickness of a synthetic lash. To be fair, its counterpart is less expensive to the wearer as it requires fewer eyelashes to achieve a denser look, however, the synthetic lashes tend to look less natural and do not have the longevity of the mink eyelashes. The synthetic eyelashes are still widely used in salons as it provides a faster application for the less experienced eyelash technicians as well as a lower cost to the salon owner.

Make sure your mink is real. Why pay more for imitation mink? Your salon should have a certificate of authenticity or a license to import or export issued by the Department of the Interior, "The United States Fish and Wildlife Service".

Please see our license here.



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