After Care Instructions for Eyelash Extensions


To Maintain the Full Appearance of your New Lash Extensions


1. Do not wash your eyes, wet lashes, or shower for 24 hours after extension application.  Do not swim, visit the spa, tanning bed or spray tan for 24 hours after application to allow for complete bonding.


2. Be gentle with your lashes.  Do not excessively rub your eyes or pull your lashes.  Avoid touching your extensions with your bare hands.  The natural oils from your hands will break down the adhesive bond.


3. **DAILY**Use only specially formulated Cleansers to remove natural oils from your eyelids. Do not use oil-based and waterproof mascara which will cause premature shedding of extensions.  Use M. Lou Lashes recommended formulated mascara sparingly and only on the tips of the extensions; never apply from base to tip.  Gently remove mascara with formulated cleansers.


4. I recommend a touch-up appointment every 2 weeks to maintain the full look of your initial application.


5. Never use waterproof eyeliner. As mentioned above, oil -based and waterproof products will cause pre-mature shedding or may need oil-based products to remove which are contradictory to eyelash extensions.


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